January 24, 2009

Contest!!!!!!!!! (You Could Win Sony Vegas 8)

Hello penguins!

Lately I have being doing bad in hits so I thought I’d make a contest!!

Here are the prizes and how you earn them!!!

2 comments on this post = 1 Point

Advertise my site on five differant sites (you must comment and tell me the site you advertised me on ) = 50 Points

Advertise my site on ten differant sites (same rules apply) = 100 points

Add me to your blogroll (you must comment and tell me you have added me) = 35 Points

If I am already on yur blogroll = 30 Points

That’s all the ways to earn points!!

Now for the prizes!! ( One of the prizes is SONY VEGAS 8 PRO!!!!!

55 Points = Get your igloo pimped!! (I need your password to do it and I reconmend changing your password just to be safe)

62 points = Get advertised in 3 posts

70 points = Get added to my blogroll for 6 months

100 points = Get advertised in 10 posts

120 points = Get to publish two posts on this site

200 points = SONY VEGAS 8 PRO

250 points = Everything above

I hope everybody enters and good luck!!

~Gears Tv

January 9, 2009

New stage and Screenhog Has A Few Small Secrets

Hello penguins!

The new stage play is out, and there are no cheats in the cataloge.
There is a few changes to the play you’ll notice, so I just took a pic!


Here are the special dances you can do with the costumes of the play!! ( You need to wave while wearing these costumes )

Gamma Guy

LOL I hated making this pic…. Gears Tv in a Girls costume????? LOL

Now Screenhog ( Part of the Club Penguin Team ) Posted a few secrets on the CP blog!!

Here is what he had to say.
“Hi everyone! Screenhog here.

We like to hide little hidden references in Club Penguin all the time. Sometimes they are really obvious, like those two puffles at the top of the stage that are like those famous actors masks.

But sometimes, there are hidden things. If you’re a ninja, you’ve been able to see the lantern in the catalog:
The price of the lantern is 575. Do any of you know about the Japanese poems called haiku? The Sensei almost always speaks in haikus. The rule with a haiku is that it’s a three-line poem; the first line has five syllables, the second line has seven syllables, and the third line has five syllables. In other words: 5-7-5.

Isn’t that cool? Or do we just have too much time on our hands sometimes?”

Anyway that is what Screenhog said!!

That’s all

~Gears Tv

December 25, 2008

December 23, 2008

My 600th Day On CP And New Servers!!

Hello everyone!! Today is my 600th day on Club Penguin!!

It’s not anything BIG but I just decided to post!!


Now the new servers! I am sure there is more servers, here are a list of the new servers Chinook, Ascent, Ice Shelf, Ice Palace, Ice Breaker, Ice Cave, Northern Lights, Southern Lights, Snowmobile, Snow Cap, Snowshoe And Snow Fort.

That’s all for now!

~Gears Tv

December 22, 2008

Mission Sneak Peak And Contest Winners!!

Hello everyone!! I can’t wait for the nest mission!! (Comment below what you think it will be!)
Anyway here is the sneak peak take a look!

Here are the winners from my contest!!

1. Davyxaddy
2. kybird14

They both won SONY VEGAS 8 PRO CODES!!

My invitation is nearly complete!!

~Gears Tv

2000 Hits And Contest For Sony Vegas 8 Pro!!!!!

Hello everybody! Over night this site reached 2,000 hits!!! So you know what this means……..PARTY!!!

I would like to say thank you to all the people who visited my site, Without all you, I would never have reached 2,000 hits soo,

I did promise I’d make a competition if I got 2,000 hits before New Years Day!

The winner will recieve codes for SONY VEGAS 8 PRO!! YES SONY VEGAS!!!!

It is a commenting contest, first person to comment 250 times wins.

So here is the competition rules and stuff……


2. COMMENT MUST BE NAMED WITH A NUMBER example ” 1 ” and post the comment, then put ” 2 ” on the next comment and post it, then put ” 3 ” on that comment and ect.

3. HAVE FUN!!!




I’m working on the invitation for the party!!
It should be ready soon!

~Gears Tv

December 19, 2008

Christmas Party, Pin,New Books And One More Thing!!!

Hello everyone! Sorry I’m a little late posting. 😦 Anyway the Christmas Party so far for me is GREAT!! (Comment please on how you think the party is going)

First lets start with free item, The Santa Hat is at the Snow Forts, if you did’t get the hat last year it’s out again!

The Santa Beard is at the Ski Village. I’ve always wanted that item! LOL

To find the pin for me took a while because I searched the map, THE WHOLE MAP but…. not the Ski Lodge!! So here’s a piture of the pin.


Have you noticed the the books in the Library? Here they are!

Now the final thing………(Drum roll please)……….. The ICERINK Yes the Icerink is back! I don’t know for how long…. or maybe forever!

Even though I love football/soccer I think the Icering should stay there forever, because it’s Club Penguin it’s snowy nearly everywhere you go and they have a Football/Soccer Pitch but no Icerink????? I think there should be an Icerink forever!!
(I can’t upload a picture because there is a HTTP error, so ehh I’m sorry about that)

Oh and if you look in the post I made * Christmas Party Sneak Peak* You’ll see that thr famus Sheevmister commented!!
Please visit his site aswell it ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!

That’s all for now

~Gears Tv

December 17, 2008

Christmas Party Sneak Peak!

Hello everyone! Sorry I am abit late posting about this. Anyway Billybob showed us a sneak peak of the Christmas Party which is in two days!
I can’t wait for the party I think this years party will be great!!
Comment below and tell me what you think there will be at the party!


Anyway thats all for now!

~Gears Tv

December 8, 2008

Rockhoppers decorated ship

Hello everyone! Davyxaddy gave me this picture of rockhoppers ship. Davyxaddys site


That’s all

~Gears Tv

December 7, 2008

Rockhopper coming in style!

Hello everybody! As you know Rockhopper’s coming on Friday or Thursday and he is coming in style!!
Take a look at his ship it’s decorated…… maybe for Christmas or Coins for Chaange.


That’s all for now.

~Gears Tv

December 5, 2008

Club penguin Style Catalog Cheats

Hello everyone! The Penguin Style Caralog was relesed today. Here are all the cheats.

Click all the lights on the bottem row of page 3/4 for a Yello scarf.



Click at the top of the tree for the the Russian hat on page 7.



Click on the penguins nose for the Red Viking Helmet and click it four times for the Blue Viking Helmet.



Click the hairpin on the girls hair on page 12 for the Pink tom tom toque.



Click on the Lighthouse in the backround on page 16 for the Red Hoodie.



The Shoe Collection in on clearance so buy all the shoes quick and also click on the Pink flippers for the Superhero mask.


 Now Rockhopper is expected to arrive at CP on Friday or Thursday and is it just me or is a bit of the Migrater green??



Last but not least the pin. It is located at the Pet shop.




That’s all for now!


~Gears Tv

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