December 14, 2008

The Goal!!!

Hello everyone! Since this site has suddenly shot up with hits, lets set a goal to reach by New Years Day!

We now have 1,795 hits, so our goal is 2,000 by New Years Day!!

If we reach that goal, I’ll make a competition, It will be codes of a cool editing programme!

I am still making the invetation for the party but it’s very hard to do it on Photoshop without a mouse. 😦

~Gears Tv

December 13, 2008


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Hello everyone! I found this very funny video on

Unfortently I can’t post it because of it’s free downloading file. 😦

I can e-mail it to you though, so if you want it just comment and tell me!

December 12, 2008

Rockhopper and Coins For Change and new play!

Hello everyone! I made this post already and I was neraly done and my computer crashed so ehh I’ll try remember it.
Today is a very exciting day in Club Penguin! We have Rockhopper who just landed in CP and Coins for Change and The Quest For The Golden Puffle.
Lets start with Coins For Change. You can donate coins at the Beach, Rockhoppers Headquarters and the PLaza, I already donated 10,000 coins 🙂


Now the free item ( not Rockhoppers free item) It is at both the Beach and the Plaza, it is a bell, I got that last year though.

Now Rockhoppers Items. here they are! Remember buy all the items Rockhopper sales because thay will never be back! I’m not a member though 😦


Oh and have you played Treasure Hunt???? Because it is turned into Candy Hunt!!!!

Now The Quest For The Golsen Puffle. There is one cheat take a look!


Just incase you thought I forgot the party… I did’t, I even downloaded a Photoshop CS4 Trial to make the Invitation!

That’s all for now!!

~Gears TV

December 9, 2008

Christmas party sneak peak!

Hello penguins! The Christmas party is getting close and here is a sneak peak of the decorations in the coffee shop!


Thats all for now!

~Gears Tv

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