December 14, 2008

The Goal!!!

Hello everyone! Since this site has suddenly shot up with hits, lets set a goal to reach by New Years Day!

We now have 1,795 hits, so our goal is 2,000 by New Years Day!!

If we reach that goal, I’ll make a competition, It will be codes of a cool editing programme!

I am still making the invetation for the party but it’s very hard to do it on Photoshop without a mouse. 😦

~Gears Tv

December 4, 2008

Coins for change and Rockhopper’s arrivel

Hello everyone! Sorry I’m a bit late posting. I had a lot of homework:( . But anyway Rockhopper is coming and coins for change on the 12th of Dec. That’s the day after my birthday. I won’t be posting on The 7th because it’s my party and the and the 6th because it’s my friends birthday and I will be at Daxyxaddy’s party!! If you want to go to it vist his site

Here is the dates for coins for coins for change and rockhopper’s arrivel.


Here is a bit of information of Coins For Change.


That’s all

~Gears Tv

December 3, 2008

Mission 10 sneak peak!

Hello everyone! here is the mission 10 sneak peak! CP are making missions every month, month in a half , can you remember when CP only had three misions for nealy two years!! So I’m glad CP are making so much.


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