January 30, 2009

New Pin And New Sport Cataloge!

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Here are the amazing cheats for the January 30th sports catalog!

Check out the cool secret page when you press the climbing wall!

Go to the beacon for the lily pin, it might be a little hard to see, so here’s a picture.

No signs of the paint by letters book.

All that by WWEADAM

January 16, 2009

Clothing Cataloge Sercrets, New Pin And Cadence’s Free Gift!!

Hello everyone!!

The new Furniture cataloge has only two cheats!! And quess what….. the Single Dance Mat!!!! I can’t believe it’s back, it’s been so long since that was in the cataloge!!

Anyway the firat cheat is on page 3rd page, click on the Terracotta sun for the Superhero Stage Poster!!


Now it’s the welcome mat!! Turn to page 12 and click the Velvet Rope!


I love this next item!! Its the Single Dance Mat, it hasen’t been out for a long time!!

Here is the pin if you are looking for it, it is located in the Snow Forts!


Now here is a pic you get if you meet Cadence!!


So that’s really all for now!

~Gears Tv

January 3, 2009

09 Jan Cataloge cheats, Pin And IM A MEMBER!!!!!!!!!

Hello everyone!
I’m very sorry I am really late, but my laptop had a virus so I could’t really post much.

And a late Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!!!!

Anyway here are all the cheats for the first cataloge for the New Year!

Ok first, it’s the Spikester, It is on the very first page of the cataloge!


Ok next, on the first page with clothes, Click the blue thing for the Spikette!


Next is the Fruit Headdress, I haven’t seen that item in the cataloge for a long long time!! ( Or I can’t remember it being out recently )

This cheat is the same as the one in last months cataloge, it the yellow Scarf!

Now for the Russian Hat, click the white tip of the mountain!

For the Viking Helmet click the top of a tree! Open and close 3 times for the blue viking helmet!

For the Pink Pom Pom togue, click the snowman’s hat!

Last but not least, it’s the Red Hoodie, click the snowflake to get it!

Now the Pin, it is at the Ski Attic.

Yay, now I’m a member!!! Here’s a pic of my igloo!


That’s all for now!

~Gears Tv

December 12, 2008

Rockhopper and Coins For Change and new play!

Hello everyone! I made this post already and I was neraly done and my computer crashed so ehh I’ll try remember it.
Today is a very exciting day in Club Penguin! We have Rockhopper who just landed in CP and Coins for Change and The Quest For The Golden Puffle.
Lets start with Coins For Change. You can donate coins at the Beach, Rockhoppers Headquarters and the PLaza, I already donated 10,000 coins 🙂


Now the free item ( not Rockhoppers free item) It is at both the Beach and the Plaza, it is a bell, I got that last year though.

Now Rockhoppers Items. here they are! Remember buy all the items Rockhopper sales because thay will never be back! I’m not a member though 😦


Oh and have you played Treasure Hunt???? Because it is turned into Candy Hunt!!!!

Now The Quest For The Golsen Puffle. There is one cheat take a look!


Just incase you thought I forgot the party… I did’t, I even downloaded a Photoshop CS4 Trial to make the Invitation!

That’s all for now!!

~Gears TV

December 5, 2008

Club penguin Style Catalog Cheats

Hello everyone! The Penguin Style Caralog was relesed today. Here are all the cheats.

Click all the lights on the bottem row of page 3/4 for a Yello scarf.



Click at the top of the tree for the the Russian hat on page 7.



Click on the penguins nose for the Red Viking Helmet and click it four times for the Blue Viking Helmet.



Click the hairpin on the girls hair on page 12 for the Pink tom tom toque.



Click on the Lighthouse in the backround on page 16 for the Red Hoodie.



The Shoe Collection in on clearance so buy all the shoes quick and also click on the Pink flippers for the Superhero mask.


 Now Rockhopper is expected to arrive at CP on Friday or Thursday and is it just me or is a bit of the Migrater green??



Last but not least the pin. It is located at the Pet shop.




That’s all for now!


~Gears Tv

December 1, 2008

Sport Caralog Nov.8 cheats

Hello everyone! The only cheat in the November Spoets catalog is the pommel horse. You have to click the “N” in furniture on page 15. 



Thats all for now!


~Gears Tv

November 21, 2008

new play, new pin and igloo catalog cheats

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hello  everybody! the winter catalog is out and the pin.


the pin is at the beach,



Click on the Christmas ribbon, for the leaning tree.


Click on the control terminal, for the welcome mat.


Click on the guitar stand, for the music stand.


The new Fairy play, is playing at the stage. Be sure to check it out.


New costumes have been added into the Costume Trunk catalog.



~Gears Tv

November 7, 2008

clothing catalog and wig cheats nov.08

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Hey everyone, a new clothing and wig catalog are available. Here are the cheats.

On the first page of the clothing catalog, click the center of the top snowflake for a pink pom pom.


Press the tip of the pine tree on the second page for a Russian hat.


On the next page, click the penguin that is hiding to take a red viking helmet. Do this 4 times for a blue.


Once again, turn the page and click the second star of the second row for the black superhero mask.


Flip some pages and click the N in “Shoe Collection” for a black scuba mask. (Notice it looks like the ninja mask and activates on the letter, “N”!


Turn to the clearence and yet again we click an “N” for mixed bracelets.


AND AGAIN click the “N” on the next page for a jade necklace.


In the wig catalog, press the spikester for the spikette.


and everyone did you see the letter in the wig catolog?? here it is


A new multiplayer game will be released soon.

You’ll be able to use codes from the soon to be released Club Penguin Trading

Cards to enhance your game play online.

It should be ready around the middle of November.

~Gears tv

October 3, 2008

clothing catalog secrets

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Hey guys today was the release of the 2008 halloween catolog and brought back the black superhero mask and the gold viking helmet!

Here are the cheats.

Click the torch for the black superhero mask.

Click the lighthouse for a black scuba mask

Click the pink flipper to get the mixed bracelets.

Click the wrist of the orange rocker penguin for the jade necklace.

Click the pumpkin for the red viking helmet then open and close it 3 times to get the blue and then when you have the blue up click the yellow puffle for the gold viking helmet.



Waddle on

~Gears tv

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