November 11, 2008

dojo , ninja hideout found? and ninja poster plus another secret,scroll down and read!

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hey everyone! take a look at the dojo ,I think it is some kind of ninja hideout found. what do you think?

and eveyone i think the new game might be somthing to do with this, take a look!

Also the dojo has now proven to us 100% that these weird happenings all over Club Penguin after the storm is proven to be ninjas. Look at this poster in the dojo, and read on to learn how to perform this cheat.


To make this appear, click the 5 light bulbs in the dojo from left to right, and then click the, “Wear a hard hat” sign.


Basically, it’s an animated version of the ninja poster from that commercial on Disney.

now  here is a video to show you everything, at the end you will see the secret I said I would say on the title of this post and somthing else….


once i get five comments ill post a post how to do these and more secrets.

~Gears Tv

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  1. I think deffently think ninjas are coming!
    CP are giving to many secrets about them.
    or are they tricking us?
    comment what you think!

    Comment by gearstv — November 12, 2008 @ 8:45 pm

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