November 27, 2008

Sensei interview

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Heallo everyone! The newspaper came out earlier today and look at the cover



Club Penguin finaly caught up with Sensei and got an interview with him.




Also the Iceberg was full to the limit. I just took a pic because I haven’t seen it soo full in a while


November 25, 2008

new secret room

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Hello everybody! have you noticed the cupbored in the secret angency? here is a picture of it.



The Command Room has some awesome secrets I want to show you. If you haven’t unlocked the room yet, you need a code from the Elite Penguin Force DS game. I don’t have it so I copyied most of these cheats of chewy and mohd thier web url is at the bottem of this post.

Command Room Cheats:



Trash Can: Hover over the trash can to make it fill up. Their are 3 stages for the fillup.


Table Cheat: Click the center of the table to change to different platforms.

Pizza (Looks yummy)


Top secret items


Coffee Tray


Wall Poster: Hover over the “Elite Force” wall poster to change the picture of the penguin.

Green Penguin Poster:


Blue Penguin Poster:


Red Penguin Poster:


Clown Penguin Poster:


CD’s: Hover over the cd’s to make them fly up.



here is chewy and mohds url 

NOTE I found the cupbored myself I visted later on i n the day and descovred what it was for.


~Gears Tv

November 21, 2008

new play, new pin and igloo catalog cheats

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hello  everybody! the winter catalog is out and the pin.


the pin is at the beach,



Click on the Christmas ribbon, for the leaning tree.


Click on the control terminal, for the welcome mat.


Click on the guitar stand, for the music stand.


The new Fairy play, is playing at the stage. Be sure to check it out.


New costumes have been added into the Costume Trunk catalog.



~Gears Tv

November 19, 2008

howw to beat sensei and ninja secret room.

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Hello everybody!!! Yes I’m now a ninja and the road to being one isn’t easy but ill show you all how I got there. first the belt upgrades.

White belt – 5-7 wins

Yellow belt – Estimated 7-13 more wins

Orange belt – Estimated 8-14 more wins

Green belt – Estimated 9-15 more wins

Blue belt – Estimated 10-16 more wins

Red belt – Estimated 12-17 more wins

Purple belt – Estimated 13-18 more wins

Brown belt – Estimated 14-19 more wins

Black belt – Estimated 15-20 more wins

once you have done that you will need to beat sensei. here are steps to show you how

  • Play Sensei 10 Times.
  • On the 11th time, he will get weaker.
  • To beat him, you need to trick him.
  • Wait 10 seconds, then click on a card, then click on another IMMEDIATELY after you click the last one.
  • It will trick the computer.

once you beat sensei you should recieve this


when you get that you will be able to get into the secret room. take a look

so I hope this helped.

~gears tv

November 17, 2008

the new game, to become a ninja

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hi everybody the new jit-su game is out.
you can find sensei on the green mat in the dojo and talk to him to get you cards



now take a look at the beginers cards



here are the belts , once you get the black belt and defeat sensei you will be a ninja, it seems hard




waddle on ~Gears tv

why jit-su isn’t out yet and our friend Snowdobby is gone.

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hello everyone. You are all probley upset because of jit-su not being out. Well i have good news, It will be out later in the day. I asked CP why is was’nt out and here is there response

now the bad news, our friend Snowdobby is gone I went to go into his blog and look what showed up

November 14, 2008

dojo grand opening

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Howdy everyone! THE DOJO GRAND OPENING IS HERE!!  here are a few pics



There is also a free item, it is the beta sandels, it is locacted at the dojo courtyard take a look

November 13, 2008

we will be ninjas, new cp books and coins for change!!! all in 1 post

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Hey guys. Billybob made a new post on the Club Penguin Book. It says that Club Penguin: Coins For Change will return this year. Last Year Club Penguin Players donated virtual coins to children in need and the environment.

Because of the incredible response from so many penguins last year, because we heard from so many of you that you want to do it again, and because you guys worked hard to help change the world last Christmas, the Coins for Change campaign will return this year! 

Coins for Change started with suggestions from many of you over the past couple years that you wanted to do something in Club Penguin to make a difference in the world. And this year it’s going to happen again!
Starting December 12th, you’ll have a chance to donate the coins you earn playing games in Club Penguin to three causes that will help make a difference in the world!

coinspic.jpgLike last year, a one million dollar donation will be shared between three causes that help kids, and the coolest part is you will be able to use your Club Penguin coins to decide how much of the one million dollars goes to each.  

I’ll have more details in the next couple weeks including information on the specific organizations your coin donations will be able to support. 

For now, it’s a great time to start earning coins to change the world with!!
As always, we’d love to hear what you think about Coins for Change including any suggestions you have to make it even better than last year!


Club Penguin is going to sell a lot of new things! Here is an example:

But it’s not only that. There are a lot more to come.

The three books above, will be released on the 16th of April 2009.

There are also some more books, but there isn’t any picture for them, yet. But, i have their names:

  • Club Penguin: Snow Blast!
  • Club Penguin: Little Library

These two, are will be released on the 7th of May.

  • Club Penguin: Stuck on Puffles
  • Club Penguin: Waddle lot of laughs

These two had to be released a few days ago, but I am not very sure about them.


 This newspaper has given us the answers to all those secrets. That old penguin at the Dojo is Sensei, an old ninja. He will teach us to become ninjas. Yes, it’s true, we will finally become ninjas and it’s now 100% sure.



We will become ninjas, through the new card game, Card-Jitsu.


Also, Sensei has invited us to the Dojo Grand Re-Opening! That’s awesome!


I am so excited! Here are the Upcoming Events:


That’s all guys. Waddle On! 


~Gears Tv

November 11, 2008

dojo , ninja hideout found? and ninja poster plus another secret,scroll down and read!

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hey everyone! take a look at the dojo ,I think it is some kind of ninja hideout found. what do you think?

and eveyone i think the new game might be somthing to do with this, take a look!

Also the dojo has now proven to us 100% that these weird happenings all over Club Penguin after the storm is proven to be ninjas. Look at this poster in the dojo, and read on to learn how to perform this cheat.


To make this appear, click the 5 light bulbs in the dojo from left to right, and then click the, “Wear a hard hat” sign.


Basically, it’s an animated version of the ninja poster from that commercial on Disney.

now  here is a video to show you everything, at the end you will see the secret I said I would say on the title of this post and somthing else….


once i get five comments ill post a post how to do these and more secrets.

~Gears Tv

newspaper message

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hello everyone! too see the ninja message go to the p age about the storm wreck at the dojo, and click the follwing, N I N J A, comment if it dosent work! thx


waddle on ~Gears Tv~

November 10, 2008

ninjas secrets

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Today I will show you every single club penguin ninja that was shown in the past and the ones you can see nowadays.

Lets start with the mysterious penguin at the dojo, the reasons why he is a club penguin ninja is because he doesn’t show his ninja belt, ninja mask, costume and his ninja sword.


If you go to the ski lodge, keep staring at the mirror and the penguin will move


another club penguin ninja shadow is at the lighthouse it might move


In the catalog go to the page where the penguin work item is, you will see a shadow of a ninja with a head band


Go to the gift shop, then keep staring at the ninja belt and it will move towards the changing room


Go to the dojo and click at the white left area and ninjas will start moving


Here is another proof that ninjas are real


As you can see nickname1 was the first club penguin ninja, he had the ninja belt and the ninja mask


these are all the cheats except if you have the club penguin guide book, check the poster and there will be a ninja hiding

cheats found by chewy and mohd

November 9, 2008

new mini game and penguin elite force for nintendo

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Starting on November 25, Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force will be available at stores across North America. We’ve heard from many of you that you’re excited about playing the game for yourself–so are we!
Thanks for waiting so patiently for it and in the meantime, if you want to get a closer look at some of the games and features you’ll find in the DS, you can check out a video on our website about it. Here’s the trailer in full size:
In the trailer it shows a NEW MINI GAME with…a SNOWCAT!!
Snow Cats are machines like trackters, but for the snow. Snow Cats used to exist in Penguin Chat 3, an older version of club penguin.
Snowcats in Penguin Chat 3:

Snowcats in the new DS Game:

In the trailer it shows new clothing items too.
You can also download the club penguin newsletter, upload coins to your account, and other.
In Other News: I’m sure most of you already know about this, but here it is.
1. Go to the “Dojo Damaged” page in the newspaper
2. In the title, click on the letters N I N J A in order to form the word NINJA. A special message will appear…

November 7, 2008

clothing catalog and wig cheats nov.08

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Hey everyone, a new clothing and wig catalog are available. Here are the cheats.

On the first page of the clothing catalog, click the center of the top snowflake for a pink pom pom.


Press the tip of the pine tree on the second page for a Russian hat.


On the next page, click the penguin that is hiding to take a red viking helmet. Do this 4 times for a blue.


Once again, turn the page and click the second star of the second row for the black superhero mask.


Flip some pages and click the N in “Shoe Collection” for a black scuba mask. (Notice it looks like the ninja mask and activates on the letter, “N”!


Turn to the clearence and yet again we click an “N” for mixed bracelets.


AND AGAIN click the “N” on the next page for a jade necklace.


In the wig catalog, press the spikester for the spikette.


and everyone did you see the letter in the wig catolog?? here it is


A new multiplayer game will be released soon.

You’ll be able to use codes from the soon to be released Club Penguin Trading

Cards to enhance your game play online.

It should be ready around the middle of November.

~Gears tv

November 5, 2008

ok this is weird

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look at this

November 4, 2008

new map, dojo not a secret, gary the gadget guy and  ninjas

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UPDATE: Oh my! Look at this!!

Move your mouse through the white space to the left of this picture, and a ninja will jump through the wall when you click the link! Make sure your at the dojo on btw it will only work on cp big screen

next the dojo whats up with the dojo did the storm have anything to do with the dojo being under comstruction?

there is a suspicous guy digging outside the dojo heres his player card

this is somthing i dont like the map has changed and i dont like it the mine shack is not a secret and the dojo is not a secret. the only secret the iceberg 😦

now gary the gadet guy he has been spotted in the secret room is the libary. unfortunately i didt take any pics of him because im not a member 😦 but i will keep updating you about gary.
anyway you can get an autograph backround when you open his player card.

thats all for now

~Gears Tv

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