October 31, 2008

my membership has gone :(

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hi everyone its Gears Tv my membership has gone ūüė¶ here is a pic of me in the dojo with ffee items

btw you may have noticed I did’t put up any pics of where the candy was and im a bit late now. im sorry but if you want me to just comment and tell me and ill start working on it thx

October 28, 2008

free coins!!

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hey everyone ever wanted to get free coins well heres your chance. just send me an email of you pass and you username and if you want me to make a video of me doing it for proof. (opional). any way¬† look at the video for more details thx ūüėȬ†¬† my email is

good news!

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hey everybody i got SONY VEGAS FOR FREE!!!!!!!!!!!

i was on youtube and i put in the search box *sony vegas8 for free* i got it free!!!!!


but it is very confusing but i think ill figure it out and once i do expect great music videos!


waddle on ~ Gears Tv

hallawe’en 08

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I have a Club Penguin Halloween party spoiler and the winner to my Club Penguin coin code contest.

Club Penguin Cheats spoiler updated, click more to view the updated spoilers, news on eclipse and free item.

I know the free item and a ton of other spoilers for this party, so you will have to look below if you want to know a few of them them.




Item Spoiler

  • The free item will be the pumpkin basket, and maybe one other item.
  • A spider will crawl down the wall at certain times OR upon mouse scroll every few minutes.
  • The Halloween movie will star at the Lighthouse.

October 25, 2008

new video and cp 3rd aniversery

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ok lets start with the cp 3rd aniversery the party hat is in the coffee shop. click the fan and it will be on the cake. pin the pin is in the dance lounge.
ok now my video please go to my youtube page here at thx and i hope yo all like it ūüėČ

October 23, 2008

my music video enjoy

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its my first music video i hope you like it because i put a lot of work in it with help from Ninja bum and Triple h

October 19, 2008

ok hmmmm

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ok since my other poll is going to be very hard to archive since im not very popular ill make another one.

how to make a video for youtube

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hey i found out how to put videos on wordpress here is one!!

me as a member of NBD

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here i think is me edited its my first time doing this so it might not come out properly!

October 18, 2008


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everyone i am in this group its about making music videos and stuff on club penguin im vice leader. im making a video on how to join and to show you what to do. if you join this group has a chance of being famus on cp so join NBD * Never back down*.

or here is it simply laid out  you+join NBD=FAME  so what you waiting for

October 17, 2008

Rockhopper and club penguin comvention

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Hey Everyone!

There is a-lot new stuff today so lets get started!

First, there is a new comic, take a look!

I like this comic, what do you think?

Rockhopper has arrived! Here are the items he brought:

 Unfortunately, Rockhopper has brought the Eye Patch for the third time! Rockhoper normally brings the Eye Patch when decides to give away a new item when you meet him! If you need help finding Rockhopper click here for a guide!

You cannot get to into Rockhopper’s quarters unless you get the Rockhopper’s key, which you find in Rockhopper’s journal at the Book Room.

Rockhopper put up some new pictures on his Bulletin board:

Rockhopper will depart the 27th of October! I wonder what the Snow Cannon means?

Now for the Furniture and Igloo catalog:

Double click inside the highlighted for the Stainless-Steal Fridge.

Click anywhere inside the highlighed for the Music Stand.

Click anywhere inside the highlighted for the chalkboard.

Unfortunately, there are no hidden items in the Igloo Catalog.

Now, for the moment you have all been waiting for, the Club Penguin Convention!!

Here are the details:

The convention will be at Times Square New York, U.S.A.

The convention will start at 12:01 PM CPST.

October 24, 2008.

This convention will be brodcasted live!

i am not going because i live in Ireland but i hear famus penguins are going  to be there. 

More information soon..

Waddle On!



October 14, 2008

shall i throw a party

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October 12, 2008

my music video

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ok this is my music vid i have no idea what went wrong when i edited it at the middle???

rockhopper and Ninja’s????

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Now about Ninjas. The old shadow at the Lighthouse is back! For some reoson i could’t take a pic of it sorry guys.


Also, there is another shadow at the Ski Lodge:

In the newspaper, Aunt Arctic answered to a question about Ninjas. That makes me now that Ninjas are back very soon. Why? The person who made the question is named Ninja? with a question mark. First of all, you can’t have a question mark in your name and secondly, your name cant be Ninja. Take a look:

(Click to Enlarge)

That’s all guys.


October 10, 2008

music vid peparation

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hey my vid is here on how im going to make my music vid 

sorry for the bad qaulity¬† it’l be better for the music video″></param><param

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